$75.00 USD

Lymphatic Drainage For Pelvic Pain

We need to address pelvic pain via our brain. Manual lymphatic drainage helps us do just that!

Lymphatic work offers a shift into the parasympathetic, the ideal place for healing and restoration.

It also communicates safety and creates space and opportunity for the pelvis to release trapped emotions.

The activation of our healing rivers reduces inflammation and helps to separate toxins from the tissue. This includes excess estrogen that can be causing hormonal imbalance.

This course teaches you the anatomy and physiology of the pelvic bowl, as it pertains to our pain and exactly what you can do to improve and change the experience that you're having in your body by harnessing the power of your lymphatic system.


What you'll get:

  • Lymphatic system & pelvic anatomy & physiology 
  • Guided pain mapping exercise to target problem areas and identify blockages 
  • Downloadable slide presentation
  • Instructional videos outlining 4 uniquely powerful abdominal drainage techniques
  • Lifetime access to this course