This Class Is For You If You...

  • Have been diagnosed with a chronic condition and are seeking alternatives  for pain relief and symptom management
  • Have recently been diagnosed with lymphedema and are motivated to learn how to support your lymphatic health to slow disease progression
  • Are a cancer survivor but had lymph nodes removed and want to reduce your risk of developing lymphedema
  • Have fallen through the cracks of conventional medicine and suffer from lymph stagnation, toxicity, hormone imbalance, painful periods, swollen lymph nodes, CFS, Long Hauler's, endometriosis, gut issues etc. and can't get them to take your condition seriously
  • Are a health practitioner looking to level-up their lymphatic education so that you may shepherd others on their healing journey within your own program! No CEUs.

What you'll learn

Anatomy + Physiology


You will learn all about the incredible lymphatic structures within your body, where it comes from, how it moves, and how to:

  • Palpate, assess, and monitor your lymph nodes
  • Navigate every lymphatic drainage pathway there is, right down to the fingertips!

This level of understanding will give you laser precision (like all Lymph Jedis have) with your at-home MLD treatments.



My "Vodder-ish" Method


The Vodder Method is the best's CONFUSING! When I first started doing lymph work I couldn't make sense of all the different hand positions and countless steps.

  • An easy 5-step process to apply the most effective MLD techniques in the world



Lymphatic Health Support

Dry brushing is only one way to move our lymphatic fluid. You'll discover and learn more about many other lymph loving activities like:

  • Basic breath work exercise and how to turn your diaphragm into a pump that helps moves abdominal lymphatic fluid
  • How to build a lymphatic self care ritual (that sticks!)
  • Basic kinesiology tape application for lymphatic drainage support
  • Understanding the science of rebounding, yoga, meditation, gratitude journaling, and neuroplasticity to find which best suits you and your Lymph Love practice!

Fascia, Baby!


Fascia and lymph go together like puppies and shoes! I can't share about one without the other so I'll show you:

  • Myofascial release techniques and how to get that birthday suit moving to increase blood and lymph flow
  • How to address the lymphatic choke points where our bodies are most susceptible to arteriosclerosis and lymphatic stagnation


Intro To Lymph Flow FAQ's

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